This is how it works to camp with us!

Camping Key Europé
The campsite is a member of SCR, which means that you have to be in possession of a valid camp card when you check in. A card can be bought and activated at the reception. The membership comes with an insurance. Read more at

Arrival and departure
The time for check-in for the cottages stars at 3 p.m. and at 1 p.m. for the pitches.

The time for check-out is at 12 p.m. for all types of accommodations. Late check out will be charged an extra day.

We recommend our ”Express checkout”. Ask the reception for an envelope and skip having to stand in line later.

Service building
Our service buildings are open 24/7 with the exception of the kitchen facilities, which close at 11 p.m. On our map you can see what kind of services the different buildings offer.

Service card
When you check in you will receive a service card. This is linked to your booking and you can charge any amount of money onto it. The card can be used for e.g. opening doors and paying for showers. The card is valid during the period that you are staying with us. It must be returned when you check out.

Waste Disposal
At Läjet Camping & Resort you can dispose your household waste, cardboard, plastic, batteries and light bulbs.

Please think of our environment as well as those who handle the waste and sort your rubbish properly. Bulky waste must not be disposed of at or around our refuse collection points. Use the municipal rubbish dump which is located on the way out to Getterön.

Safety and rules in case of fire and EL
Due to fire safety risks, the distance to the next caravan must not be less than 4 m.

Routes must not be blocked since these are for emergency vehicles. Our recommendation is that the tow hook is facing the road.

The camping is responsible for that every pitch has a functioning electricity pole. To connect the pole to the camper is the guests responsibility.

It is always the responsibility of the guest to make sure that any electrical equipment is safe, CE labelled and that all the cables are intact. To be able to use our electricity outlets, your equipment must be approved which means that a cable between the post and the caravan must have a cable area of at least 2,5 mm2. If you are using a cable reel, you should always unwind the entire cable.

In case of fire:
Rescue - Warn - Alert - Extinguish 
Don’t forget to inform the reception if an emergency occurs!